9 – 12 Months

During these months, babies take two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. One reason why they still wake up frequently at night could be due to incorrect sleeping habits and associations. With patience and determination, you can easily solve these problems.

One of the important factors affecting sleep during this period is separation anxiety. Babies who intensely experience separation anxiety may have difficulty falling asleep and therefore decrease their total amount of sleep as well. At this point, whenever you leave your baby, it’s important to reassure him/her that you will come back. Babies in these months no longer need to be fed at night and they can sleep for 11-12 hours at night.


2 – 3 hrs 2 naps

Night Sleep

11 – 12 hrs

Awake times

2,5 – 3,5 hrs

Total Sleep

13 – 14 hrs

What can you do to help your baby sleep better during this period?


1.Some babies may give signals to drop from 2 naps to one nap. It may however take longer for him/her to go to sleep. He/she may show signs of resistance, start fighting nap times, or he/she may start sleeping for shorter periods of time. This process is quite difficult. During the first days of taking one nap a day, it is important to put him/her to sleep at around 18.00 – 18.30 in the evening, this will prevent overtiredness and ensure that he/she gets the sleep he/she needs.

2.Again, your baby’s desire to move constantly due to his physical development can lead to wakings at night. If you allow him to move a lot during the day, you can eliminate the desire to reinforce and practice these movements at night.

3.During this period, teething can negatively affect your baby’s sleep both during the day and at night. Babies with regular sleep patterns who have teething problem may experience sleep issues for 2-3 days and then return to their old patterns.

4.We recommend that you keep your baby away from stimulating devices such as televisions, computers, telephones before bedtime. If you choose to do quiet activities with your baby before bedtime, you can help him/her sleep better and more peacefully.

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