6 – 9 Months

During this period, babies continue to rapidly grow physically. During this rapid growth process, the changes they experience (trying to crawl, sitting down, teething, switching to solid foods etc.) can negatively affect their sleep patterns. A baby who has gained the ability to sleep on his/her own in the previous months will get through this period more easily. You can again provide a sleep routine  by continuing your previous routines. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, the nutrional needs of babies during the night may gradually disappear during these months. With solid foods during the day, the number of times you breastfeed may also decrease.


3 – 4 hrs 2 – 3 naps

Night Sleep

10 – 11 hrs

Awake times

2 – 3 hrs

Total Sleep

13 – 15 hrs

What can you do to help your baby sleep better during this period?


1.The length of time they stay awake during the day can vary. As your baby grows, his/her naptimes will naturally shorten. In this case, you can drop one nap by observing his/ her wake windows and how long it takes him/her to fall asleep.For example, he may now sleep 2 times a day rather than 3.

2. When determining the time to go to bed in the evening, it is important to take into account how much your baby sleeps during the day and what time he/she wakes up from his/her last nap. In general, the bedtime should be between 18:00 and 20:00. On days when your baby sleeps less during the day, do not hesitate to put him/her to sleep early in the evening. Sleeping at a late time may cause frequent wakings at night because of overtiredness.

3. If you make sure that your baby’s room is dark during all his/her sleep sessions, including daytime, your baby will have healthier and longer sleep without being disturbed any light.

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