3 – 6 Months

All newborn babies need nutrition and sleep
to promote healthy growth. As they eat and sleep multiple times a day, it is
almost impossible and unrealistic to try and establish a sleep pattern during
this period. The total daily sleep a baby at this age can vary between 16-18
hours. During this period, you cannot control when, where and how long your
baby will sleep.


4 – 5 Hrs 3 Naps

Night Sleep

10 – 11 hrs

Awake times

1,5 – 2,5 hrs

Total Sleep

14 – 16 hrs

What can you do to help your baby sleep better during this period?


1.The length of time your baby stays awake during the day can vary. As your baby grows, his/her nap times will shorten. In this case, you can drop one nap by observing his/her awake times and how long it takes him/her to fall asleep. For example, he/she may now sleep 3 times a day rather than 4.

2. As long as his/her  bedtime is set in relation to his/her wake up time from his/her last nap and as long as this set time does not exceed 20:00, you can ensure that your baby does not get over-tired and is able to sleep longer during the night. (Evening bedtime should be between 18:00-20:00).

3.We recommend that you wait a few minutes before taking immediate action every time your baby wakes up at night. Otherwise, although he/she has the ability to fall asleep on his/her own, intervening too early can potentially disrupt his/her sleep and cause him/her  to lose his/her sleep completely.

4.During this period, some babies may show signs of readiness to start solids. Your baby, who normally sleeps well at night when he/she is 5-6 months old may start to wake up hungry at night. This may be a sign that the breastmilk/formula he/she consumes during the day may no longer be enough. In this case, you should consult with your doctor to determine whether it is the right time to start solid food.

5. Around 6 months of age, your baby’s increased physical skills can affect his/her sleep at night. He/she may want to wake up more often at night to practice his/her new skills. Something as simple as realizing that he/she has woken up in a different position may frighten him causing him/her to start crying. By observing your baby’s development closely, you can take the necessary precautions to prevent such sleep patterns during these months.

6. Now is the perfect time to introduce a lovey so that your baby can fall asleep on his/her own and feel safe while doing it. This could be a soft bear, a small blanket, or even a fabric handkerchief. Before giving the lovey to your baby, sleep with this item for a night or two or tuck it in your shirt for 3-4 hours in order to make it smell like you.

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