Dandini Program

What we do?

Firstly, we would like you to fill out the forms we’ve sent you in order to get to know you and your baby.

We kindly ask you to take a video of your baby’s sleep environment and send it to us in order to make the necessary corrections, if needed.

In line with the information we receive from you, we prepare and share a sleep plan tailored specifically to your baby’s sleep needs. Prior to the training, we also conduct a phone call in order to answer any and all questions you may have.

Throughout the two-week training process, we follow your baby’s progress of the process one-on-one through WhatsApp and phone calls during the first week, and once a day in the second week. We continue the follow-up process until your baby’s condition reaches the level that we feel comfortable with (even if it exceeds two weeks).

When you graduate, we send you a very detailed document containing information on how your baby’s sleep pattern should be until the age of three and how to maintain the current pattern from now on.